Due to the support of our PTO and NSCSC, Chrisney Elementary students have access to a device in which to learn digitally.  Teachers strive to integrate technology so that it is an enhancement of the learning already taking place within the classroom.  Students in grade kindergarten - 1st grade each have an Ipad and students in grades 2-6 each have a chromebook.

Students in grades K-3 have a technology class once a week.  The students in grades K-2 learn how to navigate websites, type on a document and use tools on the document toolbar.  In 2nd grade students begin formal typing lessons online and working with Google Docs.  Students in 3rd grade continue with typing lessons, learn how to be a good digital citizen, create and collaborate with Google Apps, and produce presentations with a variety of digital tools.  

Students in grades 4-6 have two technology classes each week.  These classes are focused on using Google Apps to create, collaborate and communicate to become better organizers of information.  These students also produce videos and presentations with a variety of digital tools.  Computer programming (coding) is also implemented in these classes.  Students use problem solving skills and logic to code Spheros as well as online programs.