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About our School District

North Spencer is a school system in rural southern Indiana.  We have a long standing history of fostering maximum student growth both in and out of the classroom.  For the past several years we have been in the top 5% of districts in student achievement.  Our six schools have had the highest number of 4 Star school awards in the southern Indiana region.  We are made up of 4 elementary schools serving PK-6 grades: Chrisney Elementary, David Turnham, Lincoln Trail, and Nancy Hanks.  Heritage Hills Middle School serves grade 7-8, and Heritage Hills High School provides for grade 9-12.

About our School

Chrisney Elementary is located in the small town of Chrisney, and has approximately 230 students in grades PK-6. The mission of Chrisney Elementary is to provide the best possible education in a safe and nurturing environment.  All students are supported in their development of their academic growth as well as their character and citizenship traits. We feel that staff, parents, students, and the community share equally in the responsibility of maintaining our thriving learning environment.

About our Teachers & Curriculum

When it comes to providing what is best for students, our teachers are our greatest asset here in North Spencer.  We have an amazingly talented group of educators, and like our students they deserve the best.  Our administrative team and school board put ongoing professional growth and development for our educators as a top priority.  Teachers around the district meet weekly for professional growth during building level study groups, monthly in staff meetings focused on district and school goals, and 2-3 times in district collaborative teams yearly to maintain the highest quality curriculum and assessment tools possible.  Recently our learning has centered around developing and application of the following:

  • Differentiated small group instruction.

  • Individualized learning plans based on data driven decisions and planning.

  • Integration of technology to enhance and differentiate student learning.

  • Developing and/or using quality assessments to align to curriculum.

  • Maintaining and updating our curriculum to reflect the increased rigor and demands of our newest academic standards.

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